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I want to get to know my fellow bloggers! Kenny Vermeulen from is our very first featured guest blogger. More to come! But first, let's see what Kenny is all about.

Can you describe yourself?

My name is Kenny and I'm a 27 year old digital nomad. Me, myself and my smartphone: that's how you could best describe me. I travel. As much as possible really. My job in social media encourages me to go out, see the world and connect with people. 

What do you blog about? Why do you blog?

I try to tell stories. Stuff I came across, people I've met, places I've discovered. While my wife focusses on design and high-end relaxing I tend to look for adventure making us and our blog a perfect mix. 

Writing helps me share my knowledge, ideas and experiences. It's a way to push people to go out and see the world. There's so much beauty near and far yet to be discovered. 

Why are you passionate about traveling?

Traveling brings me places that feed my brain and tap into my emotions. I can stand on top of the Great Wall feeling so small or in a group of new friends feeling so connected. 

Where are you right now?

I just came back from a solo-trip across Asia for 6 months and started my new job. During the trip I passed through China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Next short trip will be a week-end away to somewhere closer I suppose. 

Your most memorable trip?

I'm a mega South-Korea lover. People are so nice. Their fashion is on point and K-Pop is an insane music industry. Plus we can learn so much about technology from them. But my best trip was the climb of Mount Yake in Japan with my younger brother. We only half way up found out that the active volcano Yake had erupted last year with some fatal casualties. If only we'd known before. Plus we were so ill-equiped. We ended up using our extra socks as gloves as it was so cold at the top. But we made it. 

What makes your blog unique?

Reis Rond De Wereld is unique because my wife and I are total opposites and both sides get featured on our website and our personal social media platforms. We both use them entirely different which gives a true and broad perspective on travel. It's just a personal way of connecting through online media. It has helped me find new friends, new colleagues, new places. I get to tell my story my way. 

Who are your readers?

Because my wife and I are so different we tend to attract a vast group of different readers. From beautylovers into spa's to crazy people into volcano climbing.

Where can people find you?

And of course

Thanks Kenny, happy travels!

Kenny recently wrote a blog post on the 5 cities in Asia you MUST visit: De 5 steden in Azië die je zeker moet bezoeken. It's in Dutch... so for those of you who don't do Google Translate (you should though, it makes for a fun read), here are some pictures to start dreaming...

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea